As a pandemic sweeps the nation, please donate what you can to help give hope of a better future to vulnerable cancer patients in your community.

Seven year old Leo Ramsay and his 12-year-old brother Xavier have a genetic disease called Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome (VHL). It causes the continuous development of tumours across many organs, including the brain, pancreas, kidney and spine. It is often life-limiting, and sadly there is currently no cure.

Mum, Amelia, has it too, and she has spent much of her life in and out of hospital, enduring more surgeries than she can count. Amelia is desperate for a better future for her kids, and so are we.

That’s why we helped to establish the PA’s Cancer Clinical Trial Centre six years ago, with the mission to create new treatments for patients who have run out of standard options. And it’s why we are not going to allow COVID-19 to get in the way of our efforts to expand it by raising $112,100 by June 30.

Please donate what you can to help create more cancer clinical trial opportunities, the outcomes of which could help people like Amelia and her two boys. Keep hope alive during this devastating pandemic, and show your solidarity for people affected by cancer in your community, who have never felt so vulnerable.

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“The hardest thing about VHL is having to be away from my children for long periods of time to undergo surgery. They’re still so young but they’re starting to understand the impact of this awful disease.”

“I’ve had so many tumours removed at the PA Hospital, I’ve lost count. I don’t know how my husband Isaac copes, knowing the next shadow in a scan might be the one that leaves him to raise our kids alone.”

“Seeing their gorgeous faces when I wake up keeps me going. It breaks my heart that they have this awful disease too. I hope and pray every day for a research breakthrough that might spare them a life like mine.”