Will you give Hope to Tammy and others who have had a breast cancer diagnosis

​​​​​​​No one could ever accuse Tammy of giving up. Right now, she’s starting yet another round of chemotherapy and praying it will give her more time with her family. She’s had surgery and radiation treatment, and been rushed into hospital multiple times.

Tammy was first diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago. Her sons, Harrison and Bailey, were seven and three. They needed their mum and she needed them.

At that time, Tammy was working at the PA Hospital.

“I remember I was using a manual binding machine and I suddenly felt this excruciating pain from my arm pit into my breast.”

It all happened so quickly from there.

“I had a mastectomy. Then a week later, all my lymph nodes were removed. Eleven out of 19 were cancerous."

This is what so many women with breast cancer courageously do – undergo gruelling treatment while continuing to care for their children and keep family life going.

Please give a gift now to help breast cancer research move forward and save lives.

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“I just want to get up every day and enjoy every moment,” says Tammy​​​​​​​
​"Hope keeps me going. And research gives me hope.”​​​​​​​
“I don’t want anyone to tell me how long I’ve got. I don’t want to count down the days.”