Stop cancer cutting precious lives short

Joanne knows cancer will cut her life cruelly short. At 20, she was diagnosed with a head and neck cancer. During surgery to remove her tumour, her eye had to be removed. In total, she had nine operations, chemotherapy and radiation.

While she was recovering, her partner Josh proposed. Then came devastating news—Joanne’s cancer was back and it was terminal. “My first thought was, Josh and I wouldn’t get married or have a life together,” says Joanne.

Cancer treatment has come a long way, but we need to do more. Your help is urgently needed to raise $87,781 to support research.

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Researchers at the PA’s Head and Neck Cancer Centre are working on new treatments to give people like Joanne longer lives, more time with their loved ones and a better quality of life.

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Joanne’s cancer had spread. Surgeons battled to save her eye but it wasn’t possible.

Joanne bravely underwent reconstruction surgery and she looked beautiful on her wedding day.

Joanne and Josh know they don’t have long, but they want to make the most of every moment.