Help ensure parents like Katherine need not fear brain tumour treatment will be more distressing than the disease.​​​​​​​

Young mum Katherine Newman and her husband Dan had wanted to start a family for years. When beautiful baby Emily finally arrived, it broke their hearts that Katherine was battling a brain tumour.

Katherine was originally told she would either have to opt for risky brain surgery that would leave her deaf, or endure weeks of aggressive radiotherapy and severe side-effects.

Both options would have left Katherine facing a long recovery when all she wanted was to be there for her new baby. So she was overjoyed when the PA Hospital became the only public medical facility in Australia to offer a new form of treatment called Gamma Knife radiotherapy.

Katherine was the second person in the country to undergo the 40-minute outpatient procedure that eradicated her tumour and returned her to her baby the same day.

The PA Research Foundation is determined to bring the benefits of painless Gamma Knife treatment to more patients with brain tumours than ever.

Please give a gift right now, and help our Gamma Knife specialists identify ways to combine this pioneering technology with traditional therapies to create personalised treatments capable of keeping more parents like Katherine safely with their children.

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 “I didn’t know how long I would have with Emily,” says Katherine.

“Gamma Knife therapy got rid of my brain tumour and back to my baby in a day.”

“Everyone should have the chance to see their child grow up.”