Give a gift of hope this Christmas, and help save lives.​​​​​​​

Sarah’s daughter, Stella, was only 15-months-old when Sarah got her shocking diagnosis. The doctor told her she had a rare and aggressive head and neck cancer. It was like all hope was taken from her, and Sarah ran from the room. She wanted to be with her little girl.

Sarah’s family was prepared to go anywhere to get her the best treatment, but they only had to go to Brisbane. Professor Ben Panizza, whose research we support, helped carry out the 16 hour operation. Half of Sarah’s palate and her teeth were removed. She was in intensive care for a week. Soon after, she started radiation treatment, which was even more gruelling.​​​​​​​

Sarah received world-leading treatment and – she says – it’s thanks to Professor Panizza, Director of the Queensland Head and Neck Cancer Centre, that her story is one of survival. But now she lives from one six monthly check to the next, hoping her cancer doesn’t return.

That’s why we urgently need treatments for head and neck cancers.

This Christmas, please will you support the pioneering work of Professor Panizza and the team at the Queensland Head and Neck Cancer Centre, and help save lives? Without them, and without you, research into these cancers has little chance of moving forward.

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Sarah underwent a gruelling 16-hour operation to remove the tumour and rebuild her face.

Six weeks of radiation pushed Sarah to the very limit of what she could take.​​​​​​​

Your gift this Christmas could give Sarah, and other people like her, hope they’ll see their families grow up.