Research is desperately needed so women like Haidee can have a future.


Haidee was on a trip to Europe to celebrate her mum’s birthday when she became worried. Her nipple was sore and itchy. Back home, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I told my kids there was some bad stuff in my breast that the doctor had to get out.”

In fact, Haidee had two operations, including a mastectomy, as well as chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

She felt exhausted. She was nauseous. Her hair fell out. But still her children came first.

As you may know, Associate Professor Fiona Simpson is working on a new drug combination treatment that promises to have fewer side effects. Your gift could help this and other vital projects to move forward without delay.

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“No one close to me has had breast cancer. Certainly no one my age. I was in denial for a long time, but the truth is it can happen to anyone. It could happen to some one you love". 
​"I was heading for an exam for my work when I got a call from the doctor. They told me to come in. It was strange – like they didn’t want to tell me I had breast cancer. I wasn’t really sure what was happening only they wanted to refer me to the hospital.”
"I ​told them the surgeon hadn’t got all the bad stuff, so this time they have to take mummy’s breast.”